Alleviating Stress in the Workplace

Not all stress in “bad stress”. Feeling able to work productively in challenging situations is essential for personal growth. To try and remove all sources of pressure from our lives is pointless and will leave us struggling to live meaningfully. A healthy sense of achievement is vital for our self-regard and long-term mental resilience. So rather than insisting the world is unfair and should change, might we be better off having strategies and tools which we can employ that will […]

Stress Management Today

The Importance of Stress Management Today: It is vital for anyone who feels that they are suffering from the effects of unmanaged stress to seek help at the earliest opportunity. If you have any disturbing physical symptoms, it is recommended that you see your GP for a check up; and then begin to take steps to minimise the impact on your health as soon as possible. Recent research* suggests that anywhere from 60 to 90 percent of illness is stress-related. […]

Tips to beat exam stress

Well, it’s finally here – it’s exam time, and the period of maximum stress for students, but it’s not all bad news! If managed well, stress can actually be a positive force, and can help you improve your exam performance. It’s only when we let it overwhelm us that exam stress becomes a problem. Here are some tips to beat exam stress: Plan ahead: Write down your revision plan and allocate time for each subject, but leave some slack in […]