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CBT in Radlett with Paul Levrant

The City Therapy Centre is now fully open; and for anyone experiencing difficulty with high levels of anxiety during this period, Paul is personally providing face-to-face sessions with shorter than usual lead times. Appointments via phone or video are also still available if preferred.

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CBT in Radlett: Paul Levrant HPD DipH DipNLP CertCBT MNCH(Reg)

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – often shortened to CBT – is based on the relationship between our thoughts and our feelings. CBT teaches us that our emotional responses are based on how we think about and interpret the events in our lives, and not just as a result of the events themselves.*

When we learn to apply a CBT-type approach to a problem, we can begin to affect the way that we feel about the problem in a positive way, and the result is a reduction in unwanted emotion.*

If that sounds complicated, well let’s just look at an example of how our thoughts affect our feelings, and how by changing the thoughts, we can feel better about things. Then ultimately we can behave in a more positive way:

Jane was walking home from the station, and she saw her friend Susanna on the other side of the road. She was just about to call out to her when Susanna appeared to ignore her and carry on walking.

Jane felt hurt and rejected by her friend, and resolved to not speak to her again.

These feelings that Jane has experienced have come about through the way that Jane has interpreted Susanna’s actions through her thoughts about what happened. In actual fact, Jane has no real evidence for Susanna’s behaviour, and has come to her conclusion without a good reason.

If she was to think differently about what happened, she might reach a different, more helpful conclusion, and therefore feel differently too:

“Maybe Susanna was upset about something? She just didn’t seem to really notice that I was there. I think I’ll give her a call later when I get in, and see if she’s OK”

This is the same event, looked at through two different thoughts, resulting in two very different emotions, and ultimately two very different “behaviours”.*

During Paul’s CBT sessions in Radlett, the client is shown how they may examine his or her feelings; and learn to differentiate between ‘realistic’ and ‘unrealistic’ thoughts. Through performing mental ‘exercises’ with Paul, new thought processes and behavioural changes can take place naturally.* 

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