Homeopathy in Radlett: Geetu Anand

Homeopathy in Radlett Geetu Anand Hello; I’m Geetu and and I’m very pleased to be able to provide Homeopathy in Radlett at the City Therapy Centre.

I was born and grew up in Mumbai, India but have lived my adult life in the UK. I have always benefited from the care of homeopathic physicians as a child. However my fascination for homeopathy and its application was triggered when it was given to my 7 year old son for a bout of gastroenteritis after our family holiday to Egypt.  I have personally benefited from homeopathy for conditions such as PCOS, anxiety, PMS.

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Homeopathy in Radlett: Brenda Sweetman

Brenda Sweetman Homeopath in RadlettAfter over 35 years working as a nurse. I have decided to venture forth on what I know will be an amazing journey.

I had many health challenges in my life which although unpleasant at the time have eventually become a blessing as they led me along a different healing path -exploring new options to feel well.

Along this road I met bio- resonance, homeopathy and flower essences. All these modalities come under the collective term – Energy or Vibrational Medicine.

In 2007 I undertook a Bachelor of science degree in Homeopathy qualifying in 2011. I am currently almost at the end of a diploma in flower essences and vibrational medicine, which in many ways has been life changing.

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