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Mindfulness in Radlett with Paul Levrant

Mindfulness seems to be everywhere at the moment. There is scarcely a celebrity or TV personality to be seen without a colouring book or an app about mindfulness that they’ve just had published and which “will change your life!”  (And which of course will change theirs too if you care to buy it!)

So what is mindfulness, and specifically how can Paul’s mindfulness in Radlett sessions help you?*

Mindfulness is not so much a therapy, more a way of increasing mental resilience through a regular practice of meditational exercises.*

This really doesn’t mean having to sit stock-still cross-legged up a mountain somewhere for hours on end, as there are dozens of  different aspects to mindfulness, and even the simplest of everyday activities can become “mindful” with just a small shift in attitude.

The benefits over time may help to create a shift towards a greater ability to focus and concentrate; and to combat the mental “drift” that we experience by living on “auto-pilot”.  By increasing the time that we spend by being “in the present moment”, we can also increase our resistance to negative thoughts and the resulting distressing emotions that such thoughts can provoke. This can lead to an overall feeling of greater personal harmony and inner calm.*

Paul’s approach to mindfulness in Radlett is simple and practical and as with all his sessions, designed to be enjoyable.*

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