Nutritional Therapy in Radlett

Nutritional Therapy in Radlett: Hannah Brown

Hello! I’m Hannah, a fully qualified nutritional therapist, Zest4life motivational coach, Metabolic Balance® coach and SWAMI practitioner, and I provide nutritional therapy in Radlett.*

I graduated from the UK college of Nutrition and Health (BCNH) as a certified nutritional therapist in 2006, and have had the joy of practicing in Chicago, New York and London.*

Through my clinical work in the States and the UK, I have been able to gain extensive insight into the complexities of many conditions & symptoms.  What has become evidently clear to me is that nothing stands in isolation and everything is inter-connected. This is never more so within the human body, which operates as one whole integrated ecosystem.   When you correct dysfunction in one bodily system, other systems may start to respond positively, until the whole body comes back into alignment.* 

I adopt a functional medicine approach in providing nutritional therapy in Radlett – taking time to understand my client’s genetic heritage, past and current health history, activity levels, state of mind and nutritional intake so we can gain insight into, and address, ALL the underlying cause(s) of each of the presenting symptoms, as opposed to just treating the diagnosed disease.  Where appropriate, as an adjunct, I also offer two programmes – the ‘SWAMI/Genotype Diet or Metabolic Balance®.  I may also suggest functional laboratory testing to delve deeper into imbalances (this might entail looking at the gut microbiome, food sensitivities, neurotransmitter imbalances, mineral deficiencies or hormone dysregulation).*

Hippocrates sagely stated, “All disease begins in the gut”.  Wise words indeed!  As a natural consequence of restoring and/or enhancing clients’ digestive function at the outset, it may often provide a concrete healing foundation for a wide range of inflammatory, allergic and autoimmune conditions, neurological symptoms, skin complaints, hormonal imbalances, weight issues and fatigue.  Symptoms throughout the body may be resolved by treating the gut (this may be effective even if a client has never had digestive complaints).  After all, digesting, absorbing and assimilating nutrients effectively is key for correct cell function, growth and repair.   Consequently, I have a strong passion for resolving digestive issues & optimising gastrointestinal health, as it is clear just how integral gut health is to every aspect of health.   A happy gut makes for a happy head, heart, hormones and more.*

I also love to inspire my clients with delicious, easy recipes using clean, simple whole food ingredients.  Epigenetic evidence is showing that food is not only fuel for our bodies, it is powerful medicine, with the ability to heal (or harm) us.  My desire is to inform and empower clients, helping them to be discerning about their food choices.

Ultimately, my aim is to collaborate with my clients to devise achievable, realistic, enjoyable dietary and lifestyle practices to enhance their vitality and wellbeing, and bring harmony back into their lives by providing nutritional therapy in Radlett.*

If you feel you would like more information regarding The Genotype Diet or Metabolic Balance®., or would like a complimentary 30-minute chat to discover if  my approach to nutritional therapy in Radlett is right for you, please feel free to contact me on: 07789 936344.  Together we can determine the best route to take to re-balance your body and achieve your health goals.*

 I am regulated and registered with the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapies/ BANT (the professional body for nutritional therapists) and Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council/CNHC. As a CNHC member, I meet the National Occupational Standards in education and I am obliged to abide by the CNHC Code of Conduct, Performance and Ethics. Also I am fully insured by Balens Specialist Insurance Brokers.  

Fees for nutritional therapy in Radlett:

Initial consultation for nutritional therapy in Radlett- duration 90 mins @ £135.00

Follow up consultations – duration 60 mins @ £100

SWAMI (Genotype diet): £295.00

Metabolic Balance 12-week programme: £835.00

Silver package: £400.00 (1 initial consultation & 3 follow-up consultations + blood type test)

Gold package: £785 (1 initial consultation & 6 follow-up consultations + SWAMI)

Platinum package: = £985.00 (1 initial consultation & 9 follow-up consultations + SWAMI)

Please contact me on: 07789 936344 for a complimentary 30-minute telephone conversation to help determine the best route to achieve your health goals.* 


What is SWAMI/The Genotype diet?

For starters, this is not your usual ‘one size fits all’ diet for weight loss.  Not only might it help to it shift the pounds, but it is also may also act as an anti-aging, anti-allergic, immune boosting and anti-inflammatory eating plan.   As we are continually discovering, so many conditions are rooted in inflammation, therefore the ‘Genotype diet’ may help with a myriad of issues.   The Genotype diet is a programme that may maximise your chances for a long and vital life, and could minimise your risk for disease.*

The Genotype diet is an expanded, refined version of ‘The Blood Type Diet’ (the ‘Eat Right for Your Type’ (New York Times bestseller book) devised by Peter D’Adamo, an American Naturopathic physician, professor, researcher and scientist.

SWAMI is a sophisticated collection of web-based diet analysis and reporting software programme written by Peter D’Adamo to construct ‘The Genotype Diet’

A life long eating and lifestyle plan is generated from 12,600 calculations using blood tests, your health history, fingerprint testing and a range of other biometric markers (i.e. cranium measurements).  It then produces a 45-page life-long eating and exercise plan based upon your unique epigenotype (complete heritable genetic identity).*  

Additional information:

Your blood type is your genetic blueprint. Our blood type antigens are not just located solely on red blood cells, but on every cell, tissue and in all bodily fluids. Consequently, research shows that your blood type can determine your susceptibility to certain diseases, disorders, and infections. Blood types are correlated with levels of stomach acid, stress hormone levels, responses to lectins & glutens in specific foods and the types of bacteria that reside in our gastrointestinal tract.   As a result, different types of diets & lifestyles are suited to different types of individuals.*

Gene function (& expression) is constantly changing on daily basis, and whether a gene is ‘read’ or ‘silenced’ is determined by the foods we eat, the exercise we indulge in, the thoughts we have and the environmental conditions we live in. Depending upon your specific genotype, certain foods will activate ‘positive’ genes and others will trigger the expression of ‘negative’ genes.  Foods also contain ‘lectins’ (proteins that bind with sugar molecules) that have a tendency to adhere to specific blood type antigens in the digestive tract, on red blood cells and on a myriad of other tissues within the body, inciting inflammation and dysfunction in these structures.

Consequently, ‘Eating right for your type’ has the ability to enhance health by optimizing the function of all bodily systems.*

SWAMI includes: 2 x blood tests, one x 1.5hr consultation (during which time I take a health history, some specific measurements and fingerprint readings and generate the programme using the SWAMI computer software), plus your 45-page prescription for optimal health. It is priced at £295.00  


What is Metabolic Balance?

Metabolic Balance is a 12-week weight loss dietary programme that may help individuals who have been struggling to shift the pounds over many years (usually by attempting every ‘diet’ on the market, but sadly failing to keep the weight off).*

It is specifically geared to towards re-setting your metabolism through the adjustment & re-balancing of all hormones (i.e. blood sugar regulating hormones such as insulin, appetite hormones, stress hormones and metabolism regulating hormones) that regulate fat storage and fat burning.*

A full-panel blood test is taken at the outset. Based upon these results, Metabolic Balance (based in Germany) produces a personalised four-phase dietary programme. Phase 1 involves a two-day ‘cleanse’; Phase 2 a strict 14-day adherence to a list of ‘beneficial’ foods; Phase 3 includes an introduction of a wider variety of foods; and Phase 4 is the lifelong healthy eating phase which encompasses all the foods discovered that may be health enhancing for that particular individual.*

This dietary plan is ideal for individuals wanting a fully-structured eating plan that teaches portion control, how to help overcome ‘cravings’ for sugar or junk food and that may alter your taste buds, so that you can begin to appreciate and feel satisfied by eating natural ‘clean’ foods.*

The biggest factor in the Metabolic Balance programme is that through the process of learning to eat healthily and through rebalancing hormones, metabolism remains optimal and weight loss is more likely to be long-term (whereas with other calorie restriction diets, the weight often creeps back on once a normal levels of calories is consumed, because cellular metabolism might have been corrupted).  Not only that, this dietary programme may enhance your energy levels (because metabolism/energy production is balanced).

As a Metabolic Balance practitioner, I am qualified to use BioImpedence Analysis to assess important biomarkers of health such as lean muscle to fat ratio and cellular health.* 

For more information you can view this link. 

Metabolic Balance 12-week programme includes: 1 laboratory blood tests, 6 consultations and your individualised eating plant @ £835.00 

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