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Trainers and Consultants

Paul Levrant HPD DipH DipNLP CertCBT CertSM GQHP MNCH(Reg)

Training Lead

Paul specialises in anxiety disorders and stress management and control. His thorough training in many disciplines and approaches enables him to provide a varied and holistic approach to the difficulties mis-managed stress can present.

He offers practical and easily learned methods that can be seamlessly integrated into even the most pressured situations, and which can have a rapid effect on reducing the negative impact of work- related and life-style stress.

In particular, his short “bite-sized” mindfulness-based programmes have been specifically developed for immediate application in busy and challenging commercial enterprise environments; and have been widely embraced by individuals and organisations seeking readily accessible and workable solutions to stress.

Elizabeth Bord RGN; BACPR; BAMBA


Originally qualifying in advanced cardiac rehabilitation at St George’s Hospital, she then gained her post graduate certificate in addiction training and psychology; the cancer rehabilitation certificate (CANrehab); and the Wright foundation qualification in managing diabetes and respiratory diseases.

She is also an advanced fitness instructor with a specialised certificate for training disabled people; and is a GP referral exercise rehab instructor.

She is a fully qualified Mindfulness Movement instructor and a “Breathworks” mindfulness teacher
specialising in stress management and reduction. 

Dr. David O’Regan MB BChir (Cantab) PhD MRCPsych

Specialist Consultant Psychiatrist & Sleep Physician

David O’Regan is a leading figure in sleep medicine and an acknowledged authority on CBTi (cognitive Behaviour Therapy
for Insomnia).

He is a Consultant in Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine at the Insomnia Clinic (Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine,
University College London Hospitals) and Sleep Disorder Centre (Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital).

David is also the Clinical Lead for Sleep with Closed Loop Medicine, and a member of the Sleep Council at the Royal Society of Medicine.

David Holmes HPD Dip H Dip NLP Cert SM MNCH(Lic) Cert CBT Cert EnP Master NLP Practitioner


David Holmes is a highly experienced trainer in the fields of Hypnotherapy, NLP and CBT. He has assisted scores of people from all walks of life to become qualified and successful practitioners and therapists.

He strives tirelessly to promote and demonstrate the truly amazing benefits that Hypnosis, NLP and CBT can bring to the business world, and is a major force in the movement towards bringing consistent and recognised mental health assistance to commercial organisations.

His experience, passion and energy is what makes the difference between an average course and a
truly inspirational training experience.

Dr. Neil Brener MBBS; MRC Psych

Specialist Consultant Psychiatrist

Neil Brener is one of London’s leading consultant psychiatrists. He has over 25 years of experience of working with adult patients both within the NHS and in private practice. He has held the post of medical director at the Priory Hospital for over ten years.

His specialist fields are addictions, anxiety and depression. He also undertakes frequent medico legal work for law firms throughout the UK, and is a regular contributor to various publications and media outlets.

Neil is a noted theatre afficionado and has enjoyed a long association with major theatre companies. He frequently works with leading directors advising on important psychiatric aspects in mainstream productions to ensure realism and credibility.

Hannah Brown DipBCNH mBANT mCNHC

Specialist Consultant

Hannah is a registered nutritional therapist who has written extensively on the importance of nutrition and dietary intake to assist the body’s natural defences when under stress. She advises on life-style issues; addictions; and the all-important work-life balance; enabling clients to successfully navigate crucial changes in dietary habits driven by emotional eating.

Now London-based, she has also worked for many years in Chicago and New York where she performed important work on autoimmune diseases and detox programmes.

Dr. Robert Russell PhD HPD MastHyp MastNLP MastCBP DipStressMan CertEnPsych SQHP GHR(Reg) MNCH(Acc) EMDR(Fully Accredited)


Robert is a qualified Personal Development Trainer and Chief Executive Leader of Training Alliance Group (TAG).
He provides a unique approach to personal development and stress management combining hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP and EMDR, as well as life coaching, business coaching and sport performance coaching. Robert has been in practice since 1991.

A past director and trainer for the College of Stress Management, Robert also runs motivational and
personal development courses for companies and individuals in the Far East and the U.S.