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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Radlett

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Radlett

Paul Levrant HPD DipH DipNLP CertCBT MNCH(Reg)

You might have found this page if you were searching for weight loss in Radlett or more specifically weight loss hypnotherapy in Radlett.

Paul’s method of choice for weight loss hypnotherapy in Radlett is the unique Hypnodieting Programme.

Hypnodieting is very different from the “usual” weight-loss methods. With the Hypnodieting weight loss programme we look closely at the existing emotional relationship that you have with food and then address the issues that might have previously prevented you from losing weight and keeping it off.*

The full programme is designed to run over six sessions where you are able to learn to establish new habits around food and eating patterns which are gently reinforced with light hypnosis and behavioural techniques. It is not a “quick fix”, but a gradual change in lifestyle that can lead to sustainable weight loss and a much greater feeling of self-esteem and purpose.*

London’s leading Hypnotherapist, Paul Levrant is the originator of the Hypnodieting weight loss hypnotherapy programme, and practices in Herts exclusively at the City Therapy Centre in Radlett.*

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